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  • Can I order a Bulk order with special price?
    Yes you can, You only need to send us an email to: with the details: Item requested, Quantity, Lead time requested, Destination as which city or country, then one of our sales teams will contact you with a Quotation.
  • Can I obtain a certificate for a safety product am buying?
    Yes indeed, You can get a certificate by putting on the note section of the check out that you require a certificate, or email us on:
  • Can I get help with ordering the right safety item?
    Yes you can, We have a team of skilled product managers who can answer any questions you might have regarding any items.
  • Can I collect my order instead of paying for shipping cost?
    Yes, you can collect your order free of charge by letting us know on the check out that you need collecting your order.
  • Can I order an item with personalised print or embroidery?
    Yes, you can let us know you need your item personalised and we can send you the cost of adding the print or embroidery to your item.
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